From the CEO

IGP is a Methanol Company.

Methanol is one of the most widely produced base chemicals used to make thousands of products.

Our portfolio approach to methanol uses a two-track focus:

  1. We are in the midst of developing US-based natural gas to Methanol complex on the US Gulf coast. This project is establishing a solid foundation for growth and to generate significant near term profitability. Our experience in China allowed us to leverage relationships to cooperate on US projects to supply major companies’ fixed raw material needs. Our business model calls for long-term off-take agreements with US partners, and for Chinese methanol buyers to invest in our plants to guarantee their supply channels and profit in the process. We are using traditional technology that has been used to build over 100 plants globally.
  2. Developing a unique, potentially game-changing technology that can convert CO2 into Methanol.

YK_IG_logo_Biling_h_cropIn July 2013, IGP was granted a license forming a National Level Joint Venture  in China. The resulting company, IGP YK New Energy Co., Ltd. gives IGP a platform with the second largest methanol company in the world, the Yankuang Group. This Joint Venture took 4 years to establish, consummate and license, due to the many required corporate and government approvals. IGP YK is chartered to develop new energy processes, and as of last year, we began the process to modify our charter to include methanol trading.

We have assembled a close team of industry experts from the “Majors” to develop a company keenly positioned to exploit market opportunities and build a significant global presence in converting low-cost, stranded gas into high-value chemical products.

IGP’s unique twist has been to merge diverse global experience and the business standards in the new China with the relationship-driven traditional Chinese business methods. To do this, IGP has developed a team of proven performers from the international energy community combined with a seasoned Chinese team with significant “guanxi.”

A rare market opportunity is currently underway: a projected doubling of global methanol demand in the next 8 years. Over 90% of this demand is forecast to come from China, creating supply challenges for major manufacturers that require methanol to produce their products. We are meeting that need.


James S. Lamoureaux
CEO and Founder


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